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3 Reasons Why You Need Interior Detailing

Cleaning a vehicle’s interior is equally important as maintaining its exterior. Most drivers spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheels and on the road and we often end up overlooking the upkeep of our car’s interior. Without proper maintenance, the interior of our vehicles can become untidy, unsanitary and can affect our health, as well as, our driving experience.

Interior Detailing a Ford Ranger

Retain Resale Value

Get the most out of your investment by taking good care of it’s interior. Scratches, stains, scrapes, and bad odors have a negative impact on your car’s resale value. Keeping your car clean from the inside and outside will limit the damage caused by dirt and grime and avoid unnecessary devaluation of your investment.

Remove Stains and Disinfect Surfaces

Every car has several types of surfaces made up of different materials --- leather, vinyl, fabrics, and plastics --- requiring special care and chemical of sorts. However careful we go about our daily activities, we inevitably will get stains on our car interior, especially if we have kids in and out of it daily. Whether its your pet’s hair or kid’s juice spills making your car seats look dirty, it is crucial to remove them so they don’t become a permanent part of the fabrics and carpets. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of other new viruses, we need to ensure that we disinfect all surfaces to prevent transmission of germs from person to person. An interior detailing service removes unsightly stains on all interior surfaces of your vehicle, even those that have seeped in into the creases of the car seat. Regularly cleaning such stains and debris is vital to prevent your leather or fabric seats from cracking and other damage in the future.

Prevent Mould Growth

Food crumbs and drink residue can build up over a long period of time and develop mound if not properly dealt with. Mold is probably the one thing you don’t want to have in the interior of your car due to numerous health hazard concerns. Breathing air with mold in an enclosed space can lead to respiratory and skin irritations, lung infections, asthma, and nasal congestion among several health issues. Interior detailing dismantles and strips your car of all its components and thoroughly cleaned from the car flooring up to the car ceiling. Fabrics are carefully and properly handled to remove any mould growth. Getting your car detailed with the right products can help you avoid allergies and other such issues caused by low indoor air quality.

Interior Detailing a Ford Ranger

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