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Welcome to RIDEUP MANILA! 


Your one-stop shop for your professional auto detailing, preventive maintenance, auto repair, genuine automotive parts, auto paint job, auto body repair, car accessories, off-road tires and wheels.


Founded on June 8, 2018, the clamor for quality premium automotive parts at reasonable prices sets forth the company's aim to be one of the leaders in the industry. 


We've been putting in all the efforts to provide our valuable market products that would somewhat compliment your needs for quality car parts at an affordable price.


Living up to its name, partnership after partnership, RIDEUP MANILA is braced to establish its brand in the Philippine automotive market as we further strive to be one of the premiere automotive shops for your vehicle's needs.

Come and RIDEUP with us as you make RIDEUP MANILA your #1 source of premium automotive parts for your prized car's needs.

RIDEUP MANILA. Getting ahead.

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As we act upon the objective of providing quality products and services, we, as a company, commit solely to:

  • Providing efficient and immediate delivery of products to customers through direct transactions from an extensive network strategically located within the country

  • Maintaining goodwill and confidence by all means supporting corporate traditions through shared professional values and culture.

  • Creating a work-friendly environment through the pursuit of corporate values of honesty, hard work, loyalty, fairness, professionalism, quality service and determination towards total customer satisfaction

  • Rendering excellent service 101% of the time 

Our vision is to become the household name in the automotive industry referencing to quality products at reasonable prices and outstanding customer satisfaction when talks are made discussing OEM, aftermarket automotive parts and car accessories.  

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